The Reprise


Every step finds ground beneath my feet
I can’t believe I’ve come this far
I’ve found out I’m so much more with you
I’ve been found in who you are
I’ve been feeling lately
Your pierced skin has been stating
Everything you’ve wanted to say
Your words are far above me
Teach me how you love me like you do
So I can love like you

My soul clings to you
My lips sing for you

I am learning I can always stand
When you strengthen me
I am held up by a single strand
Stronger than I could ever be
I am lifting empty hands
Just to hold your holy hands
There’s meaning in your fingertips
And purpose in your eyes
This is where I’m finding out
What this life is all about
While sitting at your feet

My soul clings to you
My lips sing for you

I believe
This life can mean something
We are intended
Not left stranded
We can comprehend this
We can be sure of ourselves
We can see
And know where right we stand
We can grow up strong (and brought along)
To where we belong
Leave the past on the shelf

May we taste your words
May we end our search
Mat we know your love
Mat we feel our worth
Hope is, hope is, hope is…

[Spoken individually then gradually overlaps one another]
Hope is knowing that there’s something beyond the next horizon.
Hope is something that you can never give up.
Hope is knowing that heaven is better than this.
Something you can find within the good in this world.
Hope is having someone to love you despite all of your faults.
Hope is what transforms great thoughts into great actions.
I have hope because there is more to life than what I can touch and see.
It reminds you that the earth is not a cold, dead place.
Hope is my motivation.
It overcomes in justice.
It overcomes fear.
It overcomes this fortune.
It continually affirms that life, even in all of its sorrow is good.
It’s knowing that you’re not alone.
Hope reaches out to me, even when I’m not reaching back.
I guess hope to me is picking up a guitar and singing songs.
Hope makes the grass green no matter what side of the fence I’m standing on.
Hope is knowing that I will live for eternity because of the decisions I have made here on Earth.
That every day is not only a chance to right wrongs; but make rights.
Hope changes the way we think and feel.
Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tunes without the words.
I find hope when I’m encouraged a friend or loved one.
When I wake up in the morning and feel like I can’t go on.
Hope is what gives me strength when the challenges I have to make seem too big for me to handle.
Hope defeats the impossible.
Hope is the beauty knowing that the world can be changed and that I can make it happen.
Hope allows you not to be afraid of the space between your dreams the reality.
I know that whatever happens and wherever I am, I will trust in my god.
The sunrises and the sunsets on the ocean, hope is in the rain.
Hope is always there.
Hope is seeing the good in the hearts of those around you even if they let you down.
Hope is that one person’s words can re-define one life and a whole generation.
Hope brings meaning beyond all our understanding and it shows us of a better tomorrow.
Hope gives me the passion to pursue my dreams.
I find hope knowing that each day is just a gift I’ve been given.
Hope is knowing that I can love someone more than myself, it’s not easy,
but it’s gotta be possible, you told me that,
and you wont let me forget it, you remind me everyday.
All it takes is an ounce of hope to get you through anything.
It’s being in tune with the song… you know, the one we’re all trying to sing?
I guess hope is knowing that someone loves me.
Hope is hearing your voice.
Hope compels my heart to sing when all around me is silent.
Hope is closing my eyes and realizing that there’s something bigger than me,
and opening my eyes and seeing friends, family.
I love you, I believe in you, and know that your dreams will come true.
Hope is that ray of sunshine that always seems to break it’s way through the clouds.
Hope takes my next step forward when I feel like there’s no reason to go on.
I’ve always wanted to be great, but often been unsure if I would ever reach that.
Hope is the motivation behind the smile on my face.
Without hope, I’m hopeless.
Forgive all, because all is forgiven.
Hope is knowing that there’s someone who loves you, no matter what you do.
Hope gives us courage to reach our goals.
Hope is always there.
Hope is all we have.
My hope is you.