The Letter


[Verse 1]
I can hear your laugh
It's ringing through the hallways
I can see your smile
It's what gets me through my hard days
And your words was suppose to get me through my heartache, before my heartbreak
There's an emptiness that only few ever feel
And I somehow missed the meaning of love that is real
And it compliments my scars that will never heal

Maybe I didn't deserve you
Maybe I just couldn't cure you
They told me that I didn't hurt you
Why do I feel like I turned you?
Maybe I don't understand it
Tell me is this how you planned it?
Did you see us so stranded
Maybe I'm to much too manage

[Verse 2]
And if you weren't gonna guide me
Why bring me into the light?
Must have done something to make you want to run and hide
Why oh why didn't you just live your life?
And every girl needs a mother
And damn it I needed you
Instead you duck for cover
And you ran from the truth
And like kids do
You waited around for proof


Maybe I didn't deserve you..