[Grandpa:] Princess, belated Valentine's day
[Kehlani:] Happy belated Valentine's day, what are you doing?
[Grandpa:] What am I doing? Where are you?
[Kehlani:] I'm in the studio
[Grandpa:] You're in the studio New York? Studio LA?
Studio Atlanta? Studio here?
[Kehlani:] Studio in LA
[Grandpa:] In LA? Princess when do I get to see you?
You know you are my granddaughter
You are like my daughter Come on now
[Kehlani:] I know
[Grandpa:] Don't [?] out to the curb
I know you're the star on top of stars and
Everybody every day has to remind me
Do you know who Kehlani is?
Do you know who your granddaughter is?
I know who she is and I know who she was

They say God gives his toughest battles to his
Strongest soldiers and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
And as much as anyone can say how invincible I seem or how fearless
I am or how brave I must be, I'm still human
And I've seen things and I've felt more pain
Than some will in their entire lives, all before
The age of even being able to buy a fucking drink at a bar
But I have to be strong, not for myself but for a greater purpose,
because I feel like my duty is far beyond me, you know?
Beyond saving my family It's for the world because somebody
Out there really needs to hear this so to anybody who
Isn't here to see how far I've gone or how far I've yet to go
To family members that didn't make it or friends I lost along the way
Or maybe someone I gave my heart to that didn't know what to do with it
You should be here