I'm High

K Camp

Girl I Just wanna touch you like the first time, Imma do yo body right
Girl I Just wanna fuck you like the first time, cuz we only got one night
Girl look in yo eyes, I can tell you ready
All you gotta do is lay it down
Let me give it to you girl like its yo first time
Like its yo first time

You ready baby, cause I'm ready baby
You wanna ride like a mercedes
Imma take it slow like it's yo first time
Dont worry girl, the pleasure's mine

Cause imma go deep go deep go deep, have you messin up my sheets
By the way you scream my name I can tell that you a freak
We only got 1 night, Imma make it worth your while
Baby throw it back like its going out of style


OK now girl you know I want'cha, that there ain't no secret
Just call me the plummer girl I can tell you leakin
That ass sittin right, I can't help but grab it,grab it
Make yo clothes disappear no magic

They gone, take it there I just wanna hear you moan
It's ok, girl we both grown
Yea treat it like its yo first time, just tonight if you don't mind girl