There's a wonder famous
You do to always make me feel alright
You know I keep you, baby
Your pleasure in those morning nights

Feelings come and feelings go
In and out like the ocean's tides
But now I feel the salvation
Standing right by my side


Feel your touch
(Feeling your touch!)
Feel so fine to me
(I believe in your touch!)
Took time to see...all the same
Shooorup do roop do oooop

I wanna run and mourn my life
I got to pay respects to what I found
You are my angel, you got to be!
Cause it's hard to say what got in me

I'll be famous, yes indeed
Cause you give me all I need
You give me a thrill when you call my name
Hey, baby,


Now I feel it's gonna take a little time
To love you, baby
I'll sacrifice everything I have
To keep your touch alive

(I believe in your touch)
Feel so fine to me
(I believe in your touch)
Took long time to see
(I believe in your touch)
Make me wanna faint