Seven Inch

Jay-Jay Johanson

Now they call me seven inch
Nowadays I'm doing nothing, sitting by the TV watching
Talking less and thinking of what adolescence learned
Hours passing the occasion, major lack of inspiration
Waiting for some fun to happen before it's too late
Lonely days and lonely evenings, with a phone that never rings
Playing stupid games on my computer makes it worse
Now thay call me seven inch
Sleeping longer, still I'm tired, studying less, no books have I read
Walking back and forth upon the carpet in this room
Every time I sit and call all the numbers on my wall
No one ever answers, it gets you in the end
Should be writing songs about it, or a diray note at least
Creativity, come back to me, I just can't wait
Now they call me seven inch
Nowadays they call me, seven inch
Cowardice and phoney, seven inch
For lots of different reasons, seven inch
Even in the free zones, seven inch
People call me seven inch, is this hell or heaven
Pinch my arm to see if I'm awake, I mean no harm, so
Give me a break, I'm just like sissy was in carrie and
Missy was last summer, to anybody passing by I give my
Number, come on, take it slow, jay jay, don't try to
Push it, if you're in a hurry you can blow it