I Got To Move

James Brown

Uhh, lookie here, ha
There was a day, ha
There was a time, ha
When I used to dance, ha
There was a time, ha
When I used to prance

But dig me now, baby, ha
Don't worry bout later
Dig the dance I used to do
They call the mashed potatos, hey

Uhh, ha, uhh
There was a dance
Now dig this, ha
There was a dance, ha
They call the jerk
Everybody relax
And watch me work, oww

Ha, in my home town
Where I used to stay
The name of the place, ha
Is Augusta, GA

Down there
We have a good time
We don't talk, ha
We all get together
Any type of weather
Then we do the camel walk, oww

Lookie here, dig this
Now there was a dance
That I used to do
The name of the dance, ha
They call the boogaloo

I may not do the dance
As well as you, ha
But baby, you can
Bet your bottom dollar
You'll never hear me holler
I'll do the best
That I can do, oh

Uhh, lookie here, feeling good
There was a time
Sometime I danced
Lookie here
Sometimes I danced
Sometimes I clown
But you can bet you
Haven't seen nothing yet
Until you've seen me do
The James Brown, ow