Rock Star

Ja Rule

Yeah, hehe
[Ja imitating guitar] Eh, uh, uh- here we go
Yea, yea
Murder Inc, uh, uh- classic shit
Yea y´all

I´m a rock star bay-bayyyyy(yea)

(coughs)Fuckin with these niggaz! (laughs)
Yeahhh, yea, yea, uhh

Chorus:Ja Rule
I´m a rock star bay-bayyyyy
If they could only, read my mind
I´m a rock star bay-bayyyyy
If they could only, hear my cries
I´m a rock star bay-bayyyyy
If they would only re-alize
I´m a rock star bay-bayyyyy, hey hey
Only if they could live my life

Ja Rule:
Said a nigga was RAISED up in the streets (yea mama I´m a thug)
And nuttin is stoppin for me (except for myself)
Is the Lord in me? (You and everyone else)
God please shine down on me
I´m not the only nigga that prays every day for forgiveness
This life is makin me substance abusive
The media always wants the exclusive
Well here it is- FUCK `EM ALL- baby cause they´re useless
Sometimes I feel all I needs is my music
It fuckin sets me free, and let me breathe
Cause my niggaz ain´t leavin they blood on the streets
for they kids not to eat, and they kids not to eat
REVOLUTION! Pick a side and draw heats
And may the best man hold his head on these here streets
Cause in life and in music I´m poised and I´m focused
And the world should take notice

Ja Rule:
Underworld ties, is where my heart lies
They do the drama, makin songs like "Ol´BLUE EYES"
that make the whole world sing..
It´s alright if you don´t understand me, it wasn´t meant to be
Cause it´s hard enough for me to fight for what I believe in
Than have to look in the mirror and see demons
Now everybody´s talkin rhyme over reason
My only reason for rhymin is cause I bleed it
Here come the leeches; they gettin paid
off my talent, my love, my pain- am I a slave?
Bein cursed in my own brain
For this life I embrace and I praise
A nigga stuck in his ways
As the remix plays
Rule and J.Blige, "Rainy Days"
I think about life and music and how to stay focused
And the world should take notice

Ja Rule:
Hey, this is a message to mankind
I bust clearly you shoot blind, not in my right mind
Lord if you love me please throw up a sign
And take a nigga off the path of destroyin his life, and
This life we´re livin the sign of the times
Where buildings take on planes, babies born with AIDS
And we all need change
So I became a rock star bay-bayyy (rock on)
Now they all gon´hate me (hate on)
But from the bottom of my heart I pray
That in life and in music the world stays focused
And I hope you all notice