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Iron Maiden

Heavy Metal

Chains Of Misery

Iron Maiden

There's a madman in the corner of your eye
He likes to pry - into your sunlight
He wants to burst into the street with you and I
A world of shadows and of rain

He's seen what love is
He wants to pay you back with guilt


He lies to you - he won't let you be
He's got your chains of misery
He won't be still
till he's turned your key
He holds your chains of misery
He´s got your chains of misery

There's a prophet in the gutter in the street
He says "you're damned!" - and you believe him...
He's got a vision
but it shines out through your eyes
A world of hatred and fear

He spells what love means
He wants to pay you back with pain


It's only love
that holds the key to our hearts
It's only love

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