Laugh Now, Cry Later

Ice Cube

review on this site and i'm sure it will
be the last. One would assume that the
criteria for attaining a writing
position on a hip-hop-based website
would include, at the very least,
above-medicore writing skills, and a
decent grasp on the history of the
music, such as great albums by great
artists. The person responsible for
writing this review has neither of these
qualifications. For starters, why must
hip-hop-related media outlets (i'm not
just talking about this website, xxl is
guilty of this as well) perpetuate the
stereotype of the average rap artist/fan
as someone with minimal education and a
propensity for slang? anybody with a
credit in grade-12 english who reads the
opening paragraph of this review is
immediately left to assume that
nobodysmiling contracts it's review
writing out to any pothead videogamer
who may or may not have heard of
grandmaster flash. With sentences like
"cube has been rocking for damn near 20
years," or "this smooth track sounds
like what you’d drink your gin and juice
to," you could only assume mr. Burnett
perfers drinking old english to reading
it. While language of this sort may
resonate with some visitors of this
website, it is extremely ignorant to
assume that everybody who is interested
in ice cube's new album is an uneducated
thug who cannot bare to read a
moderately sophisticated synopsis of it.
Secondly, the fact that you know that
ice cube was once a member of a group
called n.w.a isn't enough to qualify you

capa do álbum Laugh Now, Cry Later de Ice Cube
Album: Laugh Now, Cry Later
Gravadora: Virgin Records
Ano: 2006
Faixa: 8