Want, want, want (you)

Stretching out before my eyes
Are riches a ruler requires
Regal shimmer, blinding shine
But hollowness when all this is mine
Through all the shallow rifts, I had to wade
This could've become my darkest hour
Enough of days living in the shade

I see harbour, ooh ooh ooh
Is it underneath the tide vista?
Hide my land of frozen soil
That’s why some go scared through looking at mine
Can you follow me and I’ll do if you take it all
Chase us all to the end, but it will finish you, take all

Improbable place unknown
Untouched and all undestroyed
Here I let my armies grow
Our voices will loudly crow

In the middle of a deadly current
Never believed to cure the doubt
I want the world rushing through my veins


Want only you to take me all! [want (me), use, take all (me)]
I want you to take all! (me)

Can you follow me through a second round?
Can you taste the pale white salts against your tongue?