Hunting for Pearls (Live)


Deep blue diver, with our hopes in your hands
Won’t you take me with you to another land?

Pure sapphire hiding in the sands
Of the darkest depths that are known to man

Join me
There is nothing we can’t do

What composure and charmed sleight-of-hand?
At night I lay awake and hear you call my name

In the strangest lands
I will grasp my chance
Sing the unsung words
I have searched through space

And I shackle myself, I risk it all
Bringing us closer to the core
Returning treasures to the shore

And together we take back what is ours
Hunting for pearls on the ocean floor
Force the shutting of the door

Days are hollow
Nights come to murder faith
I shut my eyes, I focus not to lose her sense

It’s her we follow
She holds the secrets buried
I know the place
She goes, I wave him farewell