If Looks Could Kill


Caught you in the act
Can't put up with that
Messing where you shouldn't be
I wanna hear you say you're sorry
'Cause nobody takes advantages of me

You're messing the mark
Shooting in the dark
I'm pooling the woof from my eyes
Baby don't you push me further
It's gonna hurt if it happens twice

If looks could kill
You'd be lying on the floor
You'd be begging me please, please
Baby don't hurt me no more

If looks could kill
You'd be reeling from the pain
And you'd never lie again
If looks could kill

You're living on the edge
Hanging by a thread
I'm watching every move you make
You don't want to see my anger
So don't you make another mistakes

Love is on the line
I ain't about to be kind
That's a promise and a thread
If I was you, I'd really cool it
Or risk a night you'll never forget


I was a fool to believe in you
A sucker for every line
I'm a little less blind
Than I was before
I can see right through your design


If looks could kill...