Reflect (Developments)

Hands Like Houses

[Verse 1]
We get in our way
Tripping on our feet
Filling up our heads too much
With words too hard to speak
Drowning in a place
Where the night can not escape
Commit ourselves into the depths
Exposed against a page

Caught in a phrase
An echo in our minds
A flash, a flood
And its burned into our eyes

And I can't explain enough
And I won't let it last the night
I'll show you that the image is still there, unseen
Its darkest before the light
If we shut our eyes to see
The things that we have lost inside the lines between

[Verse 2]
Between the black and white
Where everything goes grey
And everything is unsaid, undone
And the negative bleeds away
To reveal the memory
That we've waited so long for
The image shifts as the acid drips
Down the paper to the floor



We're so nervous to see
If we've let too much in
If we were out of focus or out of frame
I know it's a moment of truth
If a recollection reflects reality
Or if it's lost forever


I can't explain enough, and I won't let it last
The image is still there, unseen