Grey Havens

Hands Like Houses

The edge, it calls to me from the grey.
I don’t know my hour or day and I’m afraid of being oblivious to oblivion.
I’ll say a prayer under my breath and hope you hear.

If it’s my time to go, I don’t want to look back.

I’m waiting for something like a light to guide my way
To step into nothing, when I’m not quite sure that I don’t want to stay.
I want to believe that somehow I’ll be fine, and everything’s alright, and this is not my time.

The art of balancing is lost on me.
I don’t know which way to fall into infinity.
Will it feel like waking up or falling back to dreamless sleep, forever, on?

Will it feel like waking up - life before - the way a dream just disappears?
Will it feel like giving up, and letting go, and drifting out?