Hands Like Houses

If I’m bred for failure, just tell me once
because I don’t feel like I’m meant to just survive.
If I have no future, if it’s already paying for the past,
just give me the pieces so I can can call them mine.

I don’t care if I leave empty handed,
I will learn, if I make my own mistakes.
I don’t care if you don’t understand it,
I will learn, if you let me find my way.

By killing time, we kill ourselves.
By giving up, we give ourselves away.

If I’m born to falter and I’ve already fallen from your grace,
just give me the peace to prove that I’m alive.

If I’m the bastard child of best intentions,
If I’m the bitter voice of discontent,
If I’m the broken hope of indecision,
I hold the future in my hands.