Money money money...
Well it don't bother, it don't bother me
Money money money
Money money money...

Money is the root of all evil
Evil is the root of most people
I don't know
Get good, get good

Money is the key to Hollywood
Expensive cars and fancy homes
Out here on the Strip, everybody's hip
Nearly everybody stays strong

Everybody knew everything
Just as long as you got some bread
The ladies and the gents perk their compliments
And they work right on ahead


Money is the key to politics
And the ganster with the gun in his hand
People turning tricks just to get some kicks
And it's written all over the land

We all need a little money
It's so, so sad, but true
Prices are so high, costs too much to die
It's the last thing that we do


Money money money...
Sure don't bother me


Money money money...
You said it
Sure don't bother me