Fatality (feat. Kidd Kidd, Young Buck & Tony Yayo)


(Jahlil Beats holla at me)
It's time to eat
The Unit is back
Them niggas is back, the real is back, the streets is back
Shooters on deck nigga, ya

Got keys twinklin', pianos in the next apartment
Safe house when the narcs hit
I give rap critics verbal bouquets about AKs
Foolish rappers in my rearview, far away
Ferragamo dreams, the bitch lipstick on my cigarette
M4 Carbon, aim for your neck
Got that wavy work, Ryan Seacrest
Forgi's on the foreign and they deep dish
Killer (?) to (?) me
My jacket in the weasel family
Luxurious fours, pull a (?)
New Tahoe, 27Z
New grill on that bitch looks so mean
Dog food pulled an Arabian coffee
Good connect, don't ask what it cost me
I got undetected explosives in my floor
Got me in Vera Wang clothes, ya feel me?

Fatality, fatality, fatality

My brother been dippin' his fuckin' face in the powder
Fuckin' the powers
We supposed to be in this together but you done with sour
Cash money bruh, remember money and power
A little paper'll get a nigga knocked down like the towers
I spend hours in the kitchen standin' over the stove
Put too much time in finer places to put niggas in holes
I got my son froze, baggin' up O's
He said he wanted a Phantom before he's 14 years old
I told him he can do it if he don't open his nose
Like my Louis ask him where most of his go
I'm a bad influence to broke niggas
It turns to the pull up, I vow to smoke niggas
Yeah marinated the bullets, body fluids
And if my weapon don't kill 'em then (?) gon' do it
Every nigga standin' in my section goin' through it
We gon' get the money, you ain't gotta help us to it, yeah

Fatality, fatality, fatality

Watchin' my OG whip it, I learned to remix it
Turn the pigeons to a chicken, four piece and a biscuit
Bodies come up missin' get found by someone fishin'
(?) got equipped, Glock 40 extension
If I'm broke I fix it but that ain't nobody business
They comin' for my head I hope my nigga don't start bitchin'
Gotta thank the Lord I ain't get a life sentence
'Fore my name end up in the rest in peace sentence
I say suck my mini
(?) you can't say I'ma kill for this
Fuck niggas sneak dissin'
I hear 'em talkin' this and that
But don't confuse this with that
I put a hole in your inner tube car fixed or flat
Realest niggas in the game man you gotta give us that
I hold it down
I bust your head for the right amount
Six shots, every bullet gotta count