Plastic Dreams (Feat. Johanna Fay)


[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Fell asleep in a freshman class, woke up on a tour bus
Somehow, someway, all my test questions passed
And I didn't even take shortcuts
Man, life is but a dream, "is this shit real"
So trill, yeah I'm rollin' at night, I can't sit still
Five mixtapes can't change up my social status
And my balance, but a Top 40 hit will
Shit, I know they see me, don't question them
Dreams of being on TV, no Requiem
I just want to live this dream, will it be what I imagined
But nothing tops making a living off your passion
So either way I'm chasing after something I ain't never had
Woke up today feeling hungry as I ever have
And I don't usually ever brag
But these dreams aren't far anymore, you can tell them that

[Hook: Johanna Fay]
These plastic dreams
Of TV screens, and radios
Pretending everything is what it seems
These plastic dreams
Are all I know
Would someone wake me up from all these plastic dreams

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
I never love bitches, I love money and my city
Love my whole team, bout to bring them all with me
I'm headed to the top of this, I'm taking bout the tippy
Hittin' parties with a couple A-list, gettin' trippy
Feeling myself and I ain't even did shit yet
Cause rap is bout to feed me out paper like an inkjet
When I see these girls in the crowds sing my words all loud
I be tryin' see how many I can get wet
Snatch them like a fishnet, game so viscous
Me and Skizzy Mars and like 38 bitches
It's all I could do so, I'mma bag two, yo
As long as I don't ever smash 'em raw, no Juno
Listen, I just made my own lane and these rappers went piranha on me
Bittin' off everything, my style and my persona
Homie, I just keep dreaming of the day I bang Rihanna
They say "I'm a dreamer", I say "wait until mañana"