Stylin' on You (feat. Chinx & Flip)

French Montana

I be stylin on you haters,
Tell your main bitch see you later

[Hook] (x2)

I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I'll see her later
Before the deal
I shoot for the kill
Coke boy bonafied cop

[Verse One: French Montana]

Came back 10 fold
Maybach 10 hoes
A fifth of hen, 10 O's
Stay down 10 toes
When that money coming fast I ain't gotta rob
Montana Ballin like Oscar Rob, ask your broad
Watch her climb off the pole let the ass bounce
Top off the whole crew, that’s what I call a head count
Fuck humble, triple double on these fake niggas
Hundred rounds ….. Just to wake niggas up
Shake niggas up
Hole like 45 plates just to shake this is up
Throw that money up never been ashamed
Crib 4 acres yell fuckin haters


[Verse Two: Flip]

The word on the streets that the nigga cokeboy flip hit his head right
Certified street nigga with his bread right
If im speeding through your hood with no headlights
Better grip up motherfucker cause it’s a lead night
Flip in drugs yeah cocaine gang
Shit about to blow up, fire and propane
Tell your bitch im straight
Took her to the crib she on her knees blowing the whole gang
You out of line I had you looking like the japanese
Under pressure under water, beg the lord can you breathe
My nigga splat keep his ….. On
You gon see the next movement with the class of the young


[Verse Three: Chinx Drugz]

I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I see her later
We getting money that’s a
Outta town well respected im the boss money player
New couple black and grey like the raiders
Try to go back and forth like a fuckin
If they don’t get me now they get me later
Coke boys run new york more clock then the mayor

Ive been putting work in overtime
Young face but I was graced with an older grind
They sneaking cheap shots but I resupply
_________________ twist of lime
These niggas slippin on they pimpin get your bitch in line
Chinx Drugz squad up each an every time

Fo sho maine, good night