Rollie On My Wrist (Feat. Juelz Santana)

Fredo Santana

My rollie on my wrist say I’m important
Your girl want me, you can’t afford her
My trap house booming hard so we chargin
My trap selling loud like some Jordans
My bitch she acting up she get deported
And all my bitches bad yeah they foreign
My coke on white like some foresters
This rollie on my wrist say I’m important

Chicks jumped out my bed, rollie on my wrist still
Your bitch still in my bed, woke her up she give me head
Me and fredo got your bitch playing hot potato
She know we important, she know you so ...
Reall niggas we stay strapped, real niggas don’t play at
Bitch niggas get your face slapped,
You old dogs, I’m 8 wax
You need help homie, [gun sound] take that
You need help homie, [gun sound] take that
Laughing at you broke boys, riding through in my dope joy
Say something I spray something, your face turn into dope boy
Loud pack when I’m passing through, codeine in my apple juice
My niggas with me I don’t have to shoot
Spne, nigga, say it with me, spne,
Anything’s possible, I put that on my ap


This rollie on my wrist say I’m important
That kush that I smoke from California
Them zans and the ec come from florida
Got a bad bitch in georgia and jordan, I do
She say she down to spit niggas up, that’s important
I don’t fuck with broke nasty bitches, they too normal
This rollie on my wrist steady screaming I’m important
Juelz fucked your hoe, man it’s ... too foreign
Pull the pistols out get this shooting and I’m scoring
The package came in and it’s gone by the morning
I’m a real trapper man I’m hustling on the corner
Hand cop, gun cop, smoking marijuana
Pull up on your block and you lacking you’s a goner
My heart cold but them bullets hotter than a sauna