Frankie J

Wanna Know (Album Version)

Frankie J

Girl I've been waiting
For so long for you...
Girl I think I'm ready to get
To the bottom of the truth...
I'd seen you peppin at me way before
Way before me and my lady
Had to call it off...oh...
I didn't wanna say a word
To you no no...
Wanted to make sure that everything
Was cool and not in the low...oh...
Cuz I'm not the type of guy
To cheat on my i ain't
But the shit was 'bout to hit the fan
Should of known that long ago so...

Take my hand
Let's get to know each other better
Let's begin
Somethin good, something good
That we could treasure

I wanna know...I wanna know
If you really wanna be with me
I wanna know
If you really got it bad for me
I wanna know if you're willing to give
I wanna know if you're down for

Cuz I'm the type of man
That's down for his girl
Drama free...that's guaranteed
And I give you my word...
I'll give you all I have
Everything you want and more
Every little bit
That I can take from my soul yeah

I'm just a simple man
That wants to be heard yeah...
Take it from my broken heart
And a lesson that's learned
So I just need to know
How serious you are...yeah...
Tell me if you really want to go far...

I really wanna know babe
If you're down wit me
I'm willing to give you everything
And all you need...with you by my side
We can conquer the know
If you need me...just let me know...

I just wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know
Tell me baby cuz I need to know
If you're really down...
I really wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know...yeah...whoah