Got What You Need


[Swizz Beatz]
You stop the tape, hold on
Listen man, this Swizz
It’s not a game, it’s goin’ down
We ain’t playing wit y’all
Scorpion, sting that ass
And we doin’ this for the… two-thousand-and-one,
let’s rock
World, premiere
World, premiere
E-V-E, let’s, let’s get it, get it

[Chorus 1: Swizz Beatz]
I Got what you need
So tell me what you need
I Got what you need
So tell me what you need
I Got what you need
Tell me what you need
I Got what you need

[Chorus 2: Swizz Beatz]
Now – ladies, ladies, ladies
Ladies, ladies, ladies
Ladies, ladies, ladies

Uhh, yo
Aiiyo, aiiyo
This the only record in the crate
The only shit worth playin’
Swizz got niggaz screamin’ “Dog, you O-Din”
Do what I do best
Spit shit
You know me and Drag fit tight
But that goes without sayin’
See you stallin’ on the floor
What you standin’ for?
Scared thug, can’t enjoy ya crash
What you ballin’ for?
Crabs that ain’t goin’ got nuttin’ to add
What you callin’ for?
Ladies – this one’s for you
Get ya party flowin’ right now
Baby, no time to relax
Niggaz tryna holla
Get the tag, yeah he eat that
And if he actin’ cheap
Then fuck’em, you ain’t need that
Send a bottle wit a note
Sip, get ya teeth wet

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

niggaz where you ladies at?
Ladies where yo niggaz at?
Killaz where yo clickaz at?
Took it, I won’t give it back
Swallow this Cris while I
Get you where yo ribs is at
And yeah that’s how I spit’em tracks
They make you wanna get a rest
Shit, write my shit Drag
Treat you like you stole a pack
You probably never sold crack, now can I get a soul clap?
[two claps] Clap twice [two claps] I’m that nice
Ya funny faggots like Bernie Mac in +Life+
Lets see y’all make it past the gun line
Ya want it, come take mine
I walk and talk my shit
Breaka, breaka, one, nine
Eve let them bitches know
Three runnin’ wit the flow
We gonna block them though
Then we gonna lock the door

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Yo, yo
In the club we get our niggaz in
We pay off security
Same niggaz that couldn’t get in
Ya niggaz remember me

Ladies – where you at?
Stuck up, don’t reply
Where you at? (here we go!)
That’s right, keep it live

West Coast, we could ride
East Coast, fuckin’ live
Dirty, Dirty South, bounce that
Make’em bounce that

Nigga this here nasty
Keep the shit rockin’
Always Double-R, keep shit knockin’

You know how Ruff Ryders do
You push, we “Ryde or Die” all you
I got heat to make the steam boll

Heard you was frontin’ on the camp niggaz
Stop that hot shit, all day
Clown yeah, we got that

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Swizz Beatz]
Ya ain’t ready for this shit right here
Ya ain’t ready for this thing right here
Bounce! Bounce! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh! Swizz Beatz!
I keep my chain sippin’
Put fire on ya ass!
We gon’ peep that fire on ya ass!
Lets go
That’s right
Play the shit right