Revenge (Remastered Version)


She said revenge can be so sweet
I like to take it when I can
I need to play with the ones I hate
I like to see them suffer

It has to be dangerous
It has to be refined
It has to be skillfull
You need to take your time

She said I take care
Of my resources
You never know
When you might need them

[She said, "You got a snake,
And that's a good example
You don't even notice it until you're bitten,
You learn to enjoy it.]*

I'm fast and I'm strong
My reflexes are good
It doesn't take long
To achieve my deserved revenge

capa do álbum In The Garden de Eurythmics
Album: In The Garden
Gravadora: RCA/BMG Heritage
Ano: 2004
Faixa: 10