Memorial Day

Eric Burdon

We’ve all been dehumanized
A generation of the same old lies
Security is the alibi
We lose a day in the cycle of life
Evolution of your fellow man
Going around circles in the desert sand
We lose the loved ones protecting us
It’s just another day

On this memorial day
The hippies and the poets and the Spartans say
Forget the reasons why we war
This is the season we’ve been waiting for
Memorial day
It’s a rich man’s war but the poor will pay
Since the logic never comes to mind
Innocence is lost and guilt will fade in time
You turn around to face your death
You wish your mother could be there
To share your last breath
Another good one has gone down
And we mourn the lost
Turn on your TV, watch a movie and lay back
Pollute your mind you’re next in line
Insanity is just a matter of time
On memorial day
Be strong, let peace be the way
Break the cycle of hate and lies
Let the truth be realized
Memorial day!