Medicine Man

Eric Burdon

Lately he can feel it!
Turn off inside his heart!
She is calling in from her car phone and she is falling apart
He can call in her prescription!
He will take it down from the shelf
But he knows that he can't save her from herself
No more

You can ride on in the country doctor!
And you might do the best that you can!
But who is gonna help the medicine man
Who is gonna save him?
He always was a healer!
There was something in his eyes
Had his hand upon your head when the fever started to rise
Someone he lost long ago
Now there’s flowers upon a grave
And they say that it's still her he is trying to save
He is trying to save her
Later on in the evening
When the sun goes sinking down
He goes out for a walk along the sound
And he thinks that he can hear her!
Calling in the wind
But he tells her that he must wait another day