27 Forever

Eric Burdon

As the nights have passed
And the girls wouldn"t last
And the whiskey is short in your glass
It"s a lesson to learn
It"s a path that you will burn
On your way to fame and glory
You"d sell your soul to the devil
To stay at this level
And be 27 forever
Others might get a taste
Of what we really have to face
Awake from an endless sleep
You"re hurting all over
Now I hear a voice from the past
Calling out
You should have joined us in Rock and Roll heaven
Forever 27
And once you get on your feet
You feel that you"re ready to slip
Down the path to fame and glory
Many nights have passed
And the girls they couldn"t last
And there is no more whiskey in my glass
You know what they say
The good they die young
I could have stayed 27 forever