The Summery

Eric Bellinger

I'm the last one, I'm the last on here
(It's gon' be your favorite song)
And it's gone be the last one, the last song you''ll here
So I figured I'd make it the summary

Didn't take much to fall for you, no
First two months I lost my cool
Girl it's true you know what I needed
Already had it, waited for me
And that is the reason I'm cuffing through seasons
Summer, spring, winter and fall
It ain't never been done like this before
They don't even know, but they wanna know
How we did it, how we stayed so committed
We make this shit look so easy
Tried to tell 'em, they won't listen
They ain't happy, won't admit it
What we started, we gon' finish
If we keep this up then we'll be legendary, legendary
Put your hand up on my hip baby, don't be scary
Promise when we finish we'll be legendary
(They'll be talking about us)
Talking about us forever and ever

I wanna thank y'all for listening
You could have been listening to anything else
But you're rocking with me
And that's why I'ma come with it every single time
Somebody you know I mean, somebody had to do it
(Who else would do it)
Everybody wanna be ratchet?
I mean like everybody for real, everybody?
Nah, nah, nah I ain't rolling
I ain't rollin, I ain't rollin', nah
So Cuffing Season 2 is on the way
I ain't rollin, I ain't rollin'
That's why Cuffing Season 2 is on the way
I wanna say to you
Promise you it's gone be worth the wait
It's gon', it's gon' be your favorite song