Gina (feat. Aroc!)

Eric Bellinger

This song kinda remind me of back when
I was like 13 years old or something like that
They had that real love

You can call me Martin, you'll be Gina
I check any nigga tryna step to my girl
You go girl, damn you do your thing
Work your 9-5, then you bring it back to me
I'ma hold you down and you do the same for me
Same for me, yeah you do the same
Yeah that's why I love you like that old school 90's show
That's why I love you like that old school 90's show

Last night I met my dream girl, she was picture perfect
She the type to let the good vibes
Take the time away, no other chick was worth it
Not just Bad that girl cook and clean
She a ride or die that came with a purpose
You never lied to me, only eyes for me
That's the type of chick that
I'd probably purchase, on God
Damn right, bet she know how to act too
Out of all the fish in the sea
I'm glad I had the bait that can catch you damn
And I know she know that she
Make it hard for like all these hoes
They hatin' on you, they talkin' shit,
Chenaynay what I call these hoes
We shade up, take selfie pics when we laid up
And then post it up so that the world can see it
It's so obvious, our mind's made up
Then it's back to getting paid up
And you hold me down while I'm gone with it
And I just hit up that studio
And then throw that ass in that song with it
And have E sing it to you like

I'ma be the Martin to your Gina
(Martin to your Gina, be the Martin to your Gina)
Girl this ain't no Justin and Selena
(Hell nah this ain't no Justin and Selena no)