Tweedlee Dee (Live)

Elvis Presley

Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee
I'm as happy as can be
Jimminy cricket, jimminy jack
You make my heart go clickety-clack
Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee

Tweedle dumb, tweedle do
Give it up give it up
Give your love to me
Tweedle do, tweedle dee

Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee
I'm a lucky so-and-so
Mercy, mercy, who needs you?
I'm gonna keep my eyes on you
Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee
Oh, tweedle dee, tweedle do

Album: Hayride Shows: Live 1955 (2005)
Ano: 2005
Faixa: 15
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