What's Love (feat. Rihanna)


See I was on a mission, chasing with girls no potential
Did I mention that my heart got broken through this whole process?
Lust and sex is the same object
If your searching for love in time is where you find it

See let the sky be your light and let the Lord be your guidance
The truth always comes out, there's no poing in trying to hide it
I always see you acting phony with them niggas your beside
And I see you took my love for ganted
(So is that what you decided?)

Well, I'm ok, because I'm also just arriving
so the models started diking cause the drinks started arriving
And I swear I'm looking better every time I'm not without you
But you just had to leave me, decieve me, mistreat me,
like I never gave you a reason to be with me,
and sleep with me and keep me company
And I also gave you a prart of me, which you
ripped apart, with dishonesty and i still never heard no apology

I guess the cosmos sign of us two being
together were not aligned with the astronomy
Tell me what is wrong with me?

I try to hard for you but you never try for me.
I swear I feel so heart broken and way to lonely.
Why did you hurt me?

Love again (3x)
I swear I can never love again
Love again (3x)
I can never love again

I will only show love to friends who with me 'till the end
and the pain ain't cheap so money I'm a spend
I swear I'm a live my life 'till the end
and I really wand you bad
and I swear I want you back
But it's,
So sad
that I can't have you back
I swear that I can never love again
I can never love again
But I swear I know I'm a love her again

What is love for us two?
What is love, what is love for us two?
What is love to us two?
What is love, what is love to us two?

I guess for us two love is nothing but pain and games
I found the right girl who I would love to sustain,
but she left me with pain

So I had to detain every single memory we had
It's hard to explain all the feelings I had for her
were like no other
My world was black and white untill she came in and added the colour
She brought my heart winter and she took away the summer
Could you please help me why I still love her?

No poetic rhyme could ever show
her all the damage she did inside
But when she decided to leave
I just stepped kutside and had a cigarette
And thought to myself all the
feelings she said she had for me were so illiterate

So I decided go myself I should never love again
To keep me away from these pain and these games
It's still not the same...
I say I will never love again
But I'm sure I'll love her again