Aight I say err who else really try'in
To mess with Hollywood Cole
I'ma a marly G though treating Birmingham
Just like Hollywod shows I'm try'into tell
You something that you probably show know
This that slumdog millionaire Bollywood
Flow and ahh my real friends never hearing
For me fake friends write the wrong answer
On the mirror for me thats why
I pick and choose I don't get shit confused
I got a small circle I'm not with different
Crews we walk the same path but got on
Different shoes live in the same building
But we got different views I got a couple cars
I never get to loose
I don't like my women single
I like my chicks in two's and these days all
The is down to roll we hit the strip clud
And all the girls find a pole so...

Thats when I say I live fast die young
Never take it slow tell your girl
To tell her friend it's time to go and
Tell me today's weather
I know they say they good but trust Me
I'm better I sound like the coldest miami
Night ever I'm cold but still hot you can't
Decide on a sweater really it's whatever and
I am murdering and this is so amusing if
Their a sight to see than Iam an illusion
I tell you I'm the man baby what is
The confusion and if they still sleeeping
On me someone hit the snooze then and
Keep sleeping while I sell a couple million
I'm headed for the moon I ain't bout to hit
The ceiling I'm bout to hit the club women
Tell me I'm appealing but f*uck what
They say let me tell you how I'm feeling
I'm drining these London street lamps got
A real glow dizzy playin driving fast but
It fells slow and ask ya man he a hater
Baby he don't know I could kick a punt and
Turn that sh*t into a field goal I say
(I say...)

This here was meent to be buried
Igot a lot of things I mention those barely
I ain't lying to the kid like the dentist
Ain't scary I'm what Lebron was
To St Vince and St Mary but I ain't playin
High school games pulling McClarens through
A McDonalds through a drive throuh lane
I say I'm too fly Ikeep it hip hop like
Afu raa haha
I say see thats whats on top I say ahh how
I wanna end it dis is how I'am do it thats what
I'am say I'am say umm baby girl on that McClaren
you gotta lift the doors blades chopping through
The city streets liqid swords I do it better
Than the bst could you know what it is
Drake and Tim Westwood...