Waiting Up


[Verse 1: Drake]
I know there’s other people that you talk to
But I just hate getting any proof shown to me (shown to me)
I know there’s other places that you could go
But I just really love it if you made it home to me (home to me)
Yeah, young girl, ya love life
Same birthday as Pac, thug life
Gemini, understand why ya uptight
Cause once you give away the pussy, then you’re fucked right?
Yeah, I wonder if I should call you
But then again you never call me
And I’m just looking at my phone girl
And the last 3 messages are all me
Damn, that’s doing a lot
I mean I’ve always been the type to know when to stop
For real, I mean I want you in the worst way
And I know one day doesn’t mean the first day
Yeah and it ain’t morning but it’s late enough
And I just showered I just shaved, I just straightened up
And I’m tired of the games, we done played enough
I hope you’re still coming cause I’m waiting up

All the missed calls got me thinking
Maybe I’m trippin’
But I want you to feel the other side (other side)
Now I’m waiting up (got you waiting)
Now I’m waiting up (ooh, got you waiting)
Now I’m waiting up
Now I’m waiting up, waiting up, up, up…

[Bridge: Riz]
Voicemail when I call ya phone
I know just how you feel
I know just how you feel, how you feel
Baby when you home alone
I know just how you feel (do you know?)
I know just how you feel
Girl now I’m waiting up

[Verse 2: Riz]
Now it’s you that’s on the other foot
I’m here with my daughter she keeps staring like her mother look
And the hours keeps passing and I'm thinking about spazzing
Couldn’t even imagine, her catching up with her passed friend
Saying how was and he asking, a has-been
Has been shady, then she telling her she hate me
And she been would’ve left if it wasn’t for the baby
I know it sound crazy, that wasn’t the plan
You see I’m just a young boy, that’s raising a man
Listen look I’m really sorry for raising my hand
All the false allegations, I’m taking a stand
Damn, damn, how did we get here?
Girl, its feeling like the end isn’t near
You say you don’t care
I just hope its out of anger
Good girl gone bad, I can’t blame ya
Signs read danger (I open my eyes)
Girl, you saying that you pregnant, I’m hoping it’s lies
While they all sound true, it’s sad girl, the things that I do
They all affect you
Like they don’t affect me
Girl, I’m mad cause the things you can’t see
It’s what it’s gon’ be
I’m making a change
The best thing we ever had, we take it in vain