Man Of The Year


[Verse 1: Drake]
I done walked in here
Looking like the motherfucking man of the year
Think I had the motherfucking plan of the year
Which was simply to make groupie fans of my peers
And I get my girl whatever she desire
And my niggas get whatever they require
These rappers old
I’m the reason they expire
Plus I got a city that I Carey like Mariah
Damn, that punch line was predictable
I still got you shitting bricks, homie quit the bull
And we don’t need new members
To me the clique is full
And I be getting the same women that Tip can pull
Believe or not
I receive a lot
So I be wearing the same Gucci that Jeezy got
And I be buying the Louis that Kanyeezy cop
And I be ripping the same records that Weezy rock
This shit is easy pop
That’s why I’m ready man
I’d never copy Nor-bit like Eddie man
Did you get it
Eddie Murphy was in Norbit
Or was it way over your head
Did you forfeit
Yeah, I take a woman shopping in a store quick
Her ass big, she just trying to make a four fit
Yeah, they need to issue out a recall
I’m going up and they heading into a freefall
The fundamentals are needed, you playing street
And I was out at BET, but I didn’t see ya’ll
These Skee-Low rappers wishing they could be tall
Letting all their fake friends use them like a free stall

[Hook: Lil' Wayne]
Damn, I done walked in here
Looking like the motherfucking man of the year
My shades so dark
And my ice so bright
My buddies and my fans wanna fight your right
Like, round one, round two, round three
I told you not to ever bring a bitch ’round me
Cause, ain’t no nigga like a Young Money nigga
No, ain’t no nigga like me
Ya dig

[Verse 2: Drake]
I said I know you see me chilling
Super low key
If I’m with the right niggas, you can scoop an O.Z
All the hustlers and the bouncers
And the groupies know me
Fresh denim, fresh shades
In a coupe with no keys
It start up when I touch the door
And I encourage ladies to touch the floor
As soon as we finish cutting, we can cut some more
Then after you get high
Make em, get em, girl you finna get low
Lights dimmed down
Got a lota dough
Plus a hit sound
What you mean you ain’t heard
I come highly recommended
Everybody my friend even if they been offended
They ain’t really got a choice, it’s an obvious decision
You tryna make a come up in my city, it’s a given
Plus a nigga famous
Plus I got a vision
Not to mention having bars like a motherfucking prison
They taking too long
Their records on hold
They threatened by my presence
Cause I make them feel old
Guaranteed if they drop, they bragging bout what they sold
Just remember where I lived at, fifty thousand's going gold
Holla at me when you see me, make yourself known
Instead of hatin’ on my music in the comfort of your home
Nigga, be a man
You acting like a bitch
I ain’t acting like I’m hood
I’m just acting like I’m rich, rich
Riding with Weezy fucking Baby
Are you the type of girl that me and Weezy fucking, baby
Cause I don’t waste time, can’t yo see a nigga lazy
And I might need some help
But, you know, Weezy’s fucking crazy


[Spoken: Lil' Wayne]
Y.M., bitch, everyday
Two times on Sunday
Spit em
Check your blinkers, baby
Check your blinkers, baby
Cause, to me, look like you’ve been turning right all day, yeah
Right my way, I got a boulevard, baby
That’s right, Cash Avenue
Wall Street gangsta
Carter, ya’ll
Why would I lie, yeah
I ain’t rich, bitch, I’m wealthy
Young, I talk shit til I die
Come kill me, nigga
Fuck you, no homo
She like it, yeah
Boy, these motherfucking glasses I got on right now
Are so motherfucking cold