Fo Real (Feat. Future)


[Hook: Future]
It's over 25 girls in my section
Lets make a movie tonight, you won't regret it
Fo real, fo real
You know the money bring the cars, the cars bring the hoes
Rockstar life, that's how it goes
Fo real, fo real

[Bridge: Future]
Who got that drink, hell yeah who got that drink
They wanna pop champagne, yeah they wanna drink
Fo real, fo real

[Verse 1: Future]
They wish they were rockstars like us
I bet you they wish they could get fly like us
The same gang of niggas in here with money on us
We got them mollies in here, they mix that Xan and that Tuss
Ain’t go to church this Sunday but I had church
I paid my tithes with them strippers, bought the bitch a purse
I’m on a whole 'nother planet, never on the Earth
I brought my whole hood with me and we goin’ berserk


[Verse 2: Drake]
Even though I used to act, man, this shit is not a act, nigga
I have never lied on a track, only facts, nigga
A lot of people willin’ to back that, and if you backtrack
I spoke about this comin’ to fruition in my raps, nigga
Yeah; then it happened, nigga, wassup, nigga?
You just jealous, you just bitter, shut the fuck up
This that I’ve been on the roll shit, I’m back on my old shit
416, we know your bitch, that Free Band OVO shit, fo’ real.


[Verse 3: Future]
I be splurgin’, Christian Dior, I got Chanel on order
I met that girl and had to spoil her ‘cause that girl’s so loyal
I met her when she was a dime and turned into a quarter
We drank champagne just like it’s water, drink that lean like water
They told me hold back, that’s when I went hard
I bought some guns, I bought some ice and bought some more lawyers
You try and take what I done sacrificed and worked hard for
I’m in that mode, I’m in that zone like when a nigga raw
I’m celebratin’ every day, goddamn it I could be starvin’
Let’s have a toast to all my niggas runnin’ up in apartments
We had a good year this year, we made a lot of fortunes
And we very fortunate

[Bridge: Future]