Patrick Swayze

Doe B

[Hook: Doe B]
Presidential AP, make a nigga hate me
Blowin' money like I'm crazy
They lookin' at me like I made it
Pourin' up the greatest, the feelin' is amazing
Real diamonds no fugazi, and they doin' the Patrick Swayze

[Verse 1: Doe B]
My diamonds Dirty Dancing
I like my cars and bitches fancy
And I be fresh like Mannie
The way I'm shinin' on these niggas like they tannin'
Ya know I got my bands up
Young nigga ballin' like he got cancer
In that black on black thang like a panther
I got blocks like Tyson Chandler
And the kid still water whippin'
That's why my necklace look like water drippin'
In my condo with 10 Florida bitches
All quarter pieces, now that's more than pimpin'


[Verse 2: Doe B]
Walkin' in some space boots
Giueseppes with the lace loose
Diamonds clear as Grey Goose
Sippin' lean like it's grape juice
I keep a sack like Ray Lew
Peanut butter guts in my grape coupe
Thirty inches on my oldschool
I ain't stain your bitch cuz she old news
Poppin' mollies like they Tic Tacs
Got on designer but it's mixed matched
Tryna give your bitch a break like Kit Kats
Run a roller coaster on your ho like Six Flags