Homicide (feat. T.I.)

Doe B

[Verse 1: Doe B]
I'm still Doe B bitch, so what the fuck is up
Got yo' ho' on my dick, whole town on my nuts
I got keys on the streets, I got shooters in the cut
Talkin' bout beefing with me, a 62 will get you touched
Man these niggas small fries, choppers come in all size
Don't associate with pigs, snitch get your hog tied
In that bubblized Benz, gave your bitch the frog guide
Fish Bowl, no tent, let her see a nigga shine
Make a bitch go blind, tell your bitch gold eye
Got 'er sucking my dick right before show time
Out flooded on my wrist, spot the brick on mine
Checking out my Rollie watch and said it's yo' time
I am killin' these niggas, I am killin' these niggas
Paralyzed to the fake game, feelin' these niggas
Satisfied with the hate, I'm to real for these niggas
Rest in peace Pimp C, that's chinchilla, lil nigga

[Hook: T.I.] [2x]
And nigga we don't let the drama slide (the drama slide)
You try me there gon' be a homicide (a homicide)
Found my churching in my mama lies (on my mama lies)
Try us this gon' be a homicide (a homicide)

[Verse 2: T.I.]
Blood on the chain, I collected the check
My team come down for the shooters, bet chop of the neck (bop, bop)
It ain't the threat, it's what happens out to get the respect (fight me nigga)
I'm the rant of the town, nigga humbling down
I just bought my new P.J., to fly them gunners in town
Man I'm the pick of my homie, ask your O.G. he know me
Go hit a lick for the 40, bust it down with a homie
Only if the nigga where knowin'
We where holdin' more than we showin'
If they violate, we gonna go in there
And make his family mourn, god bless, let em rest, as I die-gret
We the bank roll mob, bitch we just buy shit
And fly shit, with a bad yellow thigh bitch
Caught her in the valley, we should of made her say thigh quick
My nigga Doe pulled up on me after 5 bricks
Took it to Montgomery, had it flippin' like a side kick
Her nigga try us there gon' be a homicide quick

[Hook: T.I.] [2x]

[Bridge: T.I.]
Keep on playin' around, like we playin' with you
Now you gon' fuck right round and have my nigga sprayin' at you
Now keep on playin' around, think we playin' with you
Man you gon' fuck right round and have my nigga sprayin' at you

[Verse 3: T.I.]
And fuck all these niggas, and these loud mouth hoes
All I got for the yeah yeah, is a lot 44
With my company homie, you ain't a live no mo'
Kept me somewhere inside you, blowing loud and rolls
Cup out, cup movin', cashin' out on these hoes
Hustle Gang the name, just made 10 million in clothes
And we gon' do it again, just know we did it for Doe
The thumper bangin', catchin' body, no we did it for Doe

[Hook: T.I.] [2x]