Slippin' Again



It's what it is baby
Straight biz baby
We ain't kids baby
We get down like that (X2)


Slipping and falling
This time it got a nigga calling
Up to the Lord where I'm crawling
On my knees cuz I'm tired of slipping and falling (X2)

[Verse 1]

(check it) more money more problems
I thought more money would solve 'em
I spent more money in Harlem
Than Frank Lucas did before the boys got em
Now the shit done changed
How I'm feeling? the shit look strange
I realize that shit ain't the same
Cuz at the end of the day this shit ain't a game
Nigga going through it but I slipped and fell
Ran to the hood, took a trip to Hell
Did what I should, that's why my shit sell
Always know I could, so I did well


[Verse 2]

If y'all only knew
What my life was like, and what I'm going through
Maybe you'd think before you talk
You better crawl before you walk
Think having money is the answer?
Money ain't nothing but another form of cancer
All you could do is watch me die
You don't wanna watch me cry
So watch me fly!
What you gon' do is watch me fly
Do my thing on that big stage in the sky
Lord, please, hold me down
Cuz now everybody wanna know me now


[Verse 3]

Please help me, which way do I go?
Life's a book, which page do I show?
Cuz I know, can't show 'em all
Even though I slipped and fell I won't fall
Get it? ok, you don't
Some of y'all will but most of y'all won't
I'mma keep living life being the man
And got soul and so I know only He can save me



I wish, I wish, ah I wish you knew!
I wish you fucking knew!
*humming* maAHmmaAHH
You love me
I don't wanna fall
I won't fall
I don't wanna fall
Please help me
I don't wanna fall