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The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Dj Bobo

You say young, you say free,
That's how it should be.
It is hot, it is cold,
That's why we never get old.

Wrong or right, that's alright
We'll be united black and white.
Day and night, only music
With the base and the rhythm on the music.


We keep
The Soundtrack of Our Lives, tonight
And we can be forever young
Together we can dance and be alright
Until the rising of the sun

I get up, I get down,
A simple phrase by Mr. James Brown.
The big base, the big beat,
Is the motion that create the heat.

Stand up, stand tall,
This time I really want it all.
Can you feel it? You can choose it
Don't you ever ever gonna lose it!


The soundtrack of our lives
Music that will carry on
The soundtrack of our lives
Music that will keep us strong

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