Creature Of The Night

Dj Bobo

Yeah - I'm a creature of the night
Yeah - I can take you higher
Yeah - I'm faster than the speed of light
You know I want you, before I bite you

Verse 1:
The night has come
I'm waking up
The moon is shining bright
I want someone
My needs undone
I've gotta beat daylight

I gotta feel love
Before I'm gonna make you mine
I gotta feel love
Your're gonna make me feel so fine
I gotta feel love
Just the way I always do
I'm gonna change your destiny
Until you want it to

Verse 2:
Come on let's go
Night's on the run
There is no time to waste
I fear the dawn
Can't stand the sun
It's you I'd love to taste

Chorus B:
Creatures of the night are lonely
It's the curse of the rising moon
Thinking about this one thing only
Really need some, fresh blood soon