Born to Love You

Dj Bobo

Remember we were dancing all night long
We could touch the sky
Remember the name of that song
I believe I can fly?

Remember the nights at Drive-in-Cinema?
On the screen, out of the blue.
Remember the Pathos, your good old car
I guess I had a crush on you


Oh, baby, I'd never lie to you!
Before you run away
I really have to say
I'm born to love you!

Uh, crazy I feel the same way too
Can't wait another day,
I must confess and say
I'm born to love you!

Remember how you looked into my eyes?
You knocked me out, you drove me mad,
Remember, uh, the night was cold as ice,
It was the best I ever had.

Remember the name of the drink you had?
It was a Virgin Rum.
Remember every single word you said?
I madly fell in love!