Dirt Nasty

Milk Milk Lemonade (feat. Too Short And Warren G)

Dirt Nasty

Ladies and gentlemen, this is K.W. Balls
And we putting it down for playback
As Nasty As I Wanna Be
That's how it's goin' down y'all
As nasty as I wanna be
As nasty as I wanna be
As nasty as I wanna be

[Verse 1: Dirt Nasty]
One, two tits pop out
Then the panties go down south
Stick my dick in your mouth
That's what Dirt Nasty's about
Shake your ass, up and down
Make those cheeks go round and round
What'd you bring your girl for?
Don't cha know she gonna leave with Short? (Beeyatch!)
Cause I hit in the golden state
We like 'em thick and overweight
Either way, milk gonn' shake
Put that frosting on your cake
No shame in my game
I stick my straw where the chocolate made (Dirt Nasty)
I regulate
So milky milky, so lemonade

[Hook: Dirt Nasty]
You want it, can't have it
Because you can't afford it
The milkshakes are raining
The lemonade is pouring
You like it, you know it
Your milky is showing
Lemonade, bake a cake
See you in the morning

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
I'm cummin', and then I'm out
It's not my woman but I'm in your house
I drive through like In-N-Out
Don't look for me girl, I'm in your mouth
I got her screaming and hollering
I hope she ain't lactose intolerant
I choked her, she loved the pain
Bitch been snorting that novacaine
I'm on for guiness, open wide, me and Dirt Nasty pimp ho's at night(right?)
We in the club, to the after party
I fucked her, but she don't have to call me
Tomorrow, I'm over it
I don't wanna see you when I'm sober bitch
But last night when I was doing my duty
I thought her booty was a smoothie (BEEYATCH!)

[Hook: Dirt Nasty]

[Verse 3: Warren G]
I need a freak, to treat me right
I need a freak every day and every night
I need a freak with ass like you
When I need this freak, I need her to be true
I need a freak to rub my balls
I need a freak with an ass to make us pause
I need a freak who's got it made
I need a freak to drink this lemonade
I need a freak that's chocolate too
I need a freak, a freak just like you

[Hook x2: Dirt Nasty]