Dirt Nasty

Just a Dream

Dirt Nasty

Uh huh, Dirt Nasty baby
With some of that nonsense regalia
I ain't making no senses at all ever

[Verse 1]
I pull up to your dreams in a gray Prius
With the gay dragon and eight creatures
Hanging out the window drinking ?
Cross around my neck but I ain't Jesus
I'm so Jewish, mazel tov
Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff
Eat the pene with the vodka sauce
Candle light breakfast with the Octo-mom
? stop the car, I'm a movie star
? on sunset where paparrazis are
Butt naked, let's give 'em something to talk about
Stick my cold dick in a dead model's mouth
She used to be so beautiful
And how'd I get blood on my cuticles
And who the hell ordered this Cuban food
? pass me the Rubik's cube

[Hook x2]
Is it all just a dream
It's like not what it seems
Is everything real
Why does my doctor keep feeding me pills

[Verse 2]
I pull up to your dreams on a gray dolphin
Grab a duffle bag, we goin' bank robbing
Shut the fuck up, we ain't talking
Just do as I say, we gonna stay golfing
? smoking in slow motion
Hoes ain't ? north Oakland
No joking, my court's floating
I woke up choking in Hoboken
I'm the only one at Coachella
Didn't realize it's only November
I just wanna see Metallica
And do Special K at the planes in Africa
I realize I'm having problems
With Oxycontin outside Baskin Robbins
I just tweeted Action Bronson
So we can go shopping for our magic carpets

[Hook x2]