Dirt Nasty

Hustlin' (feat. Big Twins)

Dirt Nasty

[Verse 1: Dirt Nasty]
I was born to be a hustler
Moms was a stripper, daddy was a trucker
It's in my DNA structure
I got three hookers in the lobby at The Luxor
I can sell weed to a monk, piss to a bum, and dick to a nun
I sold coke to The Pope
Kicked 'em in the dick and snatched his gold - WHOA
I'm fucking magical
I can flip this bird to a giant Pterodactyl
All black leather
When I push that Walter White through the dessert
I'll do whatever it takes
To pay my cell phone bill and these steaks
I gotta get the cheese cake
If I sold you a Rollie, you know that shit's fake

Hustle (x7)
Less go!

[Verse 2: Big Twins]
I hustle hard just to get a dollar
Put a bitch on a trap, show her how to swallow
I'm a rider, got bricks for fourteen
Hit up Snoop, you know I need that "Ooh-Wee"
Uzi's, I got that for mad cheap
Posted up in the block, with dime bags of weed
Sometimes it get real, I grab a ski mask
To [?] thirteen, I kick a nigga ass
Cash, that's all a nigga know
Tearing down the shows, pimp a couple hoes
Stay on the grizzly, watch the money grow
I got that preemo for your runny nose
Bootleg clothes, I gotta few of those
I might hit The Lotto dun, you never know
I do anything, I'm uncivilized
Chasing down those chips like it's do or die


[Verse 3: Dirt Nasty]
I'mma hustle 'till I die
Never had a boss, fuck a nine to five
I sell my kids to survive
If I said the coke's pure, I lied
Fuck you, pay me
Ain't donating none of my money to Haiti
I pimp my lady
Keep chickens on the track like biscuits and gravy
I hustle this dick baby, in Beverley Hills to old rich ladies
Then jack they Mercedes, and roll through Watts bumping 1980
Is all I know how to fucking do
Dirt Nasty, greedy ass Jew
I got the smugglers blues
Counting coke money, Caribbean cruise

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