Dirt Nasty

Cougars (feat. Bonnie Mckee)

Dirt Nasty

[Dirt Nasty]

Cougars are my favourite ladies
Purr like a vintage Mercedes
Mid 40s, no babies
Look fly since the early 80's

Cougars don't waste time
Gotta be at work, 9 to 5
Eat your meat to survive
So old, she barely alive

Strut like a panther
Looking epileptic on the dance floor
She'll claw your pants off
And look good for beating the cancer

Playmate, 88
Don't rollerblade, she rollerskate
Squeeze juice out your grapes
Like fine wine, getting better with age

[Bonnie McKee]

You can feel the bite
You hear the growl
Cuz the midnight cougar's on the prowl
Baby like a wine, I'm fine over time
But I'm gonna make you mine

[Dirt Nasty]

Cougars are all the rage
But don't let them out their cage
Ancient or middle aged
Want cocks and botox in their faces

Cougars do it right
Cuz they hot blooded; cold desires
And they never want to stay the night
Disappear before the morning light

They ain't even gotta be that old
If they twice your age, you're good to go
The big 40
Fake J-Lo ass with an MJ nose

In the hip and neckbone from pulling all-nighters
Young girls, they alright
But a night with a cougar? Priceless