Dirt Nasty

Big In Japan

Dirt Nasty


I'm big in Japan, so's my dick
Eat my eggroll with ya chopsticks, bitch
Tokyo, here I come
I'm not that dumb to bring drugs through customs
Yummy, yummy, me so hungry
Get in me belly, toro with wasabi
I can't walk down the streets, partner
Maybe cause I'm like 2 feet taller
They be seeing my name
Dirt Nasty on the Tokyo trains
Next stop, Harajuku
Streets so clean, no doggy doo-doo
I ain't this big in the States
Unlimited teriyaki, kobe steaks
I'm living like a king
Soy sauce on my ding-a-ling (What?)

Rikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo
All the geisha's know I'm the man
Fuck the states, I'm big in Japan
I'm big in Japan
I'm big in Japan
I'm so big in Japan
Fuck the states, I'm big in Japan

Konnichiwa, bitches
All the girls say Dirt's the richest
But I ain't the richest
Can't pay for no goose so I'm doing dishes
Tokyo, do you get my drift?
Rappin' on stage, they don't understand shit
But they all got they hands in air
With they gold chains and they spikey hair
I'm turning Japanese
At benihana, Steve Aoki
You can find me on Mt. Fuji
In a fuji jacuzzi with Ms. Suzuki (Who's she?)
The rice so sticky
Love me long time, baby, licky, licky
I want to undress you
And introduce you to my sumo wrestler
Akebono, peep the dragon on my black kimono
And you don't want trouble, mayne
Cause Mr. Miyagi taught me the Crane


Crouching tiger, hidden beaver
I think I caught yellow fever
If I need a girl she could be here
Quicker than a Domino's Pizza