Dirt Nasty

Animal Style

Dirt Nasty

My for fathers drank Goldschläger
My three moms been known to hold the chopper
Show stopper, I stop the show
Because my face, look like a Picasso

Big nose, bitty eyes, my meat pole medium size
Eatin' fries, In-N-Out
Animal style, dick in your mouth piece

Ouchy, she gave me boo boo's
And you knew, I threw that bitch out the moon roof
Coocoo, I'm so crazy, spill yoo-hoo in the blue-ish mercedes

Jewish babies love my flow, its so uncomfortable
Fuck a ho, leave her at Winchell's
We got kush, your weed look like fish food

It's true, I'm a rapper, gold chain swinging on the neck of a cracker
Just admit it, I'm so sick with it, I kill myself - Sid Vicious

Do the dishes that turn me on
Fuck you on the stove while you burn off your arm

I'm James Bond, Raekwon and Akon rolled up in a wonton
Hong kong hustlin' motha' fucka' think i give a fuck about a bitch, I ain't a sucker

This is a autobiography, aw fuck, why your mama always gotta be calling me
Apostrophe, period, end of story, I'm serious