Bad Luck Heels


My sweet Signorina
I've come to see you
I got all dressed up
Million miles from home
I got nowheres to go

I've come solo baby I know
Things got all messed up
Come to you hat in hand
I swear I'm a changed man

I can see you here
With your broken heels
You still put them all to shame

Tesoro mio
I have been such a fool
What a love I have missed
For these days I have wished

Cucciola mia
I still need ya
Let the truth be told
The hills have no gold
The land has no heart
The men have no souls

And there's nothing here
Except these bad luck heels
You will put them all to shame

What have I got to show for this life
If I don't make this thing right
What have I done with this life
I won't make the same mistake twice
I won't let you out of my sight
I'm gonna set this thing right
You will be mine again

Sweet Signorina
I can see you
You got all dressed up
Million miles from home
You got nowheres to go

Tesoro mio
You won't get very far
I will know where you are
Write your name in the stars

Fix your bad luck deals
Drink from broken heels
We will put them all to shame