Heaven in Your Eyes

Deniece Williams

Walking around talkin' down to myself for a fight
Yet another unknown in the famous Nashville night
The cold grey sky got the writer's block
OK, I have the writer's block
The sky is just over it ever as always anew
While I'm frozen between times moanin' the meantime blues

Stacks of old bills the mounting molehills I dread
It's hard work keepin' the roof off of your head
Dream my way through the day job straight home to pay my dues
Roll up my sleeves have a go at me some meantime blues

That old Gibson I sold will hopefully hold us through winter
It's gonna get cold girl, but I'm going gold with you
Little work on this last verse, then I'll come down to dinner
Reheat a dream with some hell in the meantime blues

Right at home in-between
Find me honing a dream
While I'm moaning the meantime blues

After dinner and dishes I sit down and switch on the TV
And unfreeze as the chorus occurs to me:

Rock'll burden coal until the coal begins to gleam
Every crushing blow is ever-focusing a dream