Senora (I Need You)

Demis Roussos

Day break
It's just another day
I miss you
More than I can say
And I'm finding out the hard way
Can't lean on someone else
I know it's my life
Gotta live it for myself
And still I'm needing
And needing can't be right
I reach out
Call you every night
I know it's out of fashion
To fall apart this way
But I'm needing
And I'm not ashamed to say it
That I need you
Like a desert needs the rain
To pour your love inside of me
Calling me to bloom again
I need you
More with everyday
Most of all I need
To need me like I need you
Walking in the sand
I reach out
Take you by the hand
It's heavens just to touch you
To hold you one more time
But I'm dreaming
It's only in my mind
And I need you
Deep within the night
Need you here beside me
To warm me with your fire light
I need you
Like a stranger needs a friend
To take the lonely world away
To come and make me smile again
Oh God I need you
Like a flower needs the sun
To warm me with your love and light
And hold me when the day is done
I need you
Every breath I take
Need you like the sunshine
Every night, every day...